Book Recommendations


Deep Nutrition, Dr. Kate Shanahan- One of my favorite books outlining the importance of implementing certain dietary habits such as avoiding inflammatory foods and toxic oils. Dr. Shanahan does a great job of simplifying nutrition and making the topic less intimidating to approach.

Genius Foods, Max Lugavere- Max focuses on nutrition for cognitive performance, but this book really can serve as an outline for anyone looking to improve their dietary habits. The best thing about Max’s work is that nothing he writes about isn’t backed by extensive scientific research. I was thoroughly impressed by the amount of detail in this book. Not only is Genius Foods Informative, but very readable and interesting from start to finish.

The Hungry Brain, Stephan Guyenet- Want to understand why oreo’s taste so damn good? This is the book for you. If you want to better understand the brain-hunger connection, there is no better resource than The Hungry Brain.