The Boys Are Back!

I’ve been reading a lot about the positive effects of training with a partner. Harder workouts, more camaraderie, and healthy competition. Since my career ended, I’ve missed competing and pushing my limits with elite athletes. Luckily for me, this week I had the chance to connect with one of my old buddies Justin who plays baseball overseas. The kid is a terrific athlete who has had one hell of a career. So, rather than waste time, we got after it pretty good. Here’s what we hit today:

Strength Work:

  1. Barbell Bulgarian Splits- 1 x 8, 5 x 6 each leg (Pre-WOD)

  2. Sledge Hammers- 5 x 10 each arm (Pre-WOD)

  3. Chained Front Squats- 4 x 8 (Post-WOD)

WOD (workout of the day) :

Death by 10 meters-

Every minute, sprint 10 additional meters. Continue to add 10 meters each minute until you reach exertion or can’t finish the reps in one minute. JB and I both got up to 190 meters, can you beat it?


  • Work out with friends who motivate you. The same goes for studying, eating, and enjoying life.

  • If you’re circle of friends doesn't motivate you to get better and accomplish your goals, find a new circle.

  • Push yourself to do things you struggle with (I’m not a great runner, so the death by 10 meters was no joke).

  • Don’t do front squats after 20 minutes of sprinting, seriously.